Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cash Back for Shopping Online

I used to shop through Basically you click a store link on come and get back a percentage of what you spend. I became a member in 2006 and to date I'm only gotten back $79.83. I have $2.09 pending and has been pending for almost 7 months. On you can refer friends and get $5 when they sign up.

On this new site,, I can get more percentage back PLUS I can earn money every time one of my referers shop up to 5 generations! I do a lot of online shopping. Sometimes it's a lot easier than taking my five children into the store. I especially do a lot of online shopping at Christmas time. I have to buy for the nieces and nephews in my husbands family and online shopping makes it a lot easier. Check out the site, if you are an avid shopping like myself if would be worth your time, plus it's FREE!