Thursday, December 17, 2009

Craft-A-Month in the New Year

A couple of weeks ago my Mother told me that we are going to do a craft a month starting in January 2010. When your mom tells you what to do, you don’t ask questions, you just do it. I’m kidding, I thought it sounded like a great idea.

I don’t get to see my mom all that much. She lives in a different town about 40-60 minutes away. That may not sound that far away to people that live in a big city where it takes you 40 minutes or longer to get anywhere but that’s a big drive for use small city dwellers! Plus she has an elderly mother with dementia that she has to care for so it makes it a bit difficult to pack up my grandma and bring her to my house.

I also do not get a lot of crafting time since I spend a better part of my day caring for my five girls. My three oldest are in school but that leaves my three and one year old at home and being much younger, they require a lot more supervision than my school aged children.

All these obstacles set aside, I’m sure that my Mother and I can spend one day a month doing some crafting. My Mother is in charge of finding our monthly craft and figuring out what supplies we need and I am in charge of providing the work space, coffee and mid-morning snack. We, together, will pool our supplies and of course, share.

We plan for most, if not all, the crafts to be low cost and/or recycling type projects. We hope to use things we already have or can find cheaply at dollar, thrift or similar stores. This is my kind of crafting, free or almost free!

I will be posting what project we will be doing a bit ahead of time so that if you would like to join us, you will be able to start gathering your supplies. After we have finished our pojects I will posting photos here. Sound like fun?? Great! Hope you can join us!

Thinking about joining us? Leave your comment or your link and let us know!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Slump Slowly Lifting

In my last post I mentioned that I was suffering from a creative/crafting slump. To refresh your memory, I talked about how I had many unfinished projects due to the fact that, unless I finish them quickly, I get bored with them. I also mentioned that despite the fact that I have over 800 projects in my Ravelry queue, nothing jumps out at me nor sparks my interest.

Well I am happy to say that my slump is lifting, albeit slowly. I still have a lot of unfinished projects lying around the house. I will more than likely have to frog those and reuse the yarn for something else. Here is what I have accomplished yesterday and in the previous week or two.

Yesterday I set a goal for myself. If you know me personally, then you know that I never set goals or if I do, I don’t meet them or I give up on them. Sadly, I am a bit of quitter, I’m working on that. Yesterday I set a goal and actually met that goal! Yeah! Go Me!

Remember in my last post how I talked about the hats that my Mother and I crocheted and knitted to donate to a children’s home for abused kids? I also told you how I had a bunch of them done but could not bring myself to weave in all the ends. That was my goal for yesterday.

I remembered that my children’s school is having a hat and mitten drive for needy children in our community. I figured that with my kids being able to take the hats to their school then I had a better chance of the hats getting done and donated. I also realize that the children’s shelter that I originally planned to donate to gets LOTS of donation already, so I know they will not be suffering from me changing my mind on where to donate.

The goal was not only to weave in all those ends, but to also get it done while sitting in the parent pickup line at my children’s school. That way, when my girls got into the car, I could send one child back in to the school to put the hats in the office under the “hat and mitten tree.”

I got to the school early. It was chilly yesterday and I figured more parents would be picking up their walkers instead of letting them suffer in the cold. That’s why I was there. I parked in the pickup line, turned on the DVD player for my three and one year old, and then got out my darning needle, scissors and hats. I was able to finish up all eleven hats and my ten year old took them into the office.

Kids school me waiting in line
The school pickup line.

Charity hats for school drive.
The finished hats.

My other finished projects include some crocheted dishcloths that I plan to put into some baskets that I am putting together for some of my family members as Christmas gifts. My Mother will NOT be getting any of those. She is a master crocheter and I do NOT want her scrutinizing my work, LOL.

The pattern is called Grit Stitch Washcloth and it comes from the Sandy Shore Washcloth Set of patterns on Lion Brand’s website. Out of the four cloths in the pattern set, the grit stitch is the one I liked the best. I actually have finished two of them but I was not happy with the first one. So, I have one “gift-able” cloth done and I am currently working on another one.

Here is the link to the pattern: Sandy Shore Washcloth Set

Grit stitch cloth
Grit Stitch Cloth

I am happy to have gotten some things done and to have been able to help some needy children keep their heads warm this winter season. Have you gotten some Christmas or charity knitting/crocheting done? Post your links below and let us know!