Saturday, January 2, 2010

Craft for January and Afghan Block #1

For the month of January my Mom and I have decided to make paper beads from the security print inside of envelopes. We may also make some from magazine pages, scrapbook paper or other paper that strikes our fancy. When we have these done, we will post the directions. Start saving your junk mail envelopes that have a security print inside them.

We have also decided that we will start making afghan blocks to later put together for an afghan. Our plan is to do a block a week but that will depend on how fast my 10 year old daughter can keep up as she has decided to join us. I am using Michael’s new yarn called Loops and Threads Impeccable and a size H hook for all the blocks. The blocks will all be in crochet as my daughter kind of gave up on knitting when she learned that crochet is much easier for her :-)

For each block, single crochet around the edges in the same color as the block and then half double crochet around the block again in the color you will be using to join all the block, sort of like a background color.

Please note:  I do not claim to own the patterns for any blocks that will be posted here for this afghan. These patterns are relayed to me over the phone without reference to where it came from. If you own the patterns and want credit for them please contact me.

Block #1 pattern:
Worsted weight yarn
Size H hook


sc: single crochet

lsc: long single crochet (insert hook in stitch one row below your working row, pull loop up to height of work, work a single crochet)

Chain 23 or a multiple of 2+1

Row 1: sc across, ch 1, turn

Row 2: *sc in next sc, lsc in next sc, repeat from star, ch 1, turn

Repeat these two rows until your block is square.

Photo of Block #1

I am having trouble uploading photos, but you can see a picture of this block by clicking the link above.

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