Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Translation for Swedish Pattern!

Okay, so I put the word out on Facebook and my friend Sarah hooked me up with her friend Janne who not only knows swedish but also knitting! PERFECT! Her is the pattern link again and what she told be about the pattern.

----From Janne----
Basically, it says to measure the widest part of your hand, knit a test swatch (knit color not pearl band), and use that to calculate how many stitches you need. Put that many on a needle, and follow this pattern:
six rows pearl with color 1
*six rows knit with color 2
1 row knit with color 1
six rows pearl with color 1*
Knit pattern between * - * until it's the length you want it. Knit off, and conceal the seams.

I think that is easy enough. Now I have to go and start over because I was a little off, oh yeah, and I didn't measure or swatch.

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